No Deposit Casino Bonuses

All About No Deposit Casino Bonuses in 2022

One of the key reasons why online casinos have grown to be so successful over the past decade – even overtaking traditional brick and mortar casinos – is because of the bonuses and promotions. As sites like secretcasinotips continue to point out, there is an abundance of untapped bonuses out there – too many to count, even.

With literal thousands of online casinos, you’re never far from the next promotion. Because these promotions act as a means to differentiate and attract new customers, the most generous ones come in the form of a sign-up bonus. Of course, it doesn’t mean you have to stick around for long, but rather extract them for all they’re worth!

Whilst many ask for a deposit, to which they will match, there are many sites offering no deposit bonuses which do not require you to put forward any of your own money, making it essentially zero-risk.


Some of these no deposit free bets will have wagering requirements whilst others do not. A wagering requirement means that in the event that you win money with the free bet, you must keep betting a certain amount in order to activate the winnings for withdrawal. This is to prevent users from simply liquidating right away. An example would be that you must bet 10x the amount of the free bet until it becomes cash that you can withdraw. Thankfully, this 10x amount can usually be spread around as opposed to one large bet.

However, there aren’t always wagering requirements, which often means the free bet will come in the form of something like: 200 free spins worth £20 (£0.10 per spin). Now, the user gets to have 200 risk-free spins and do what they wish with any winnings. If you do this at various sites, you can quickly see how you win some good money without ever putting forward your own.

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The wagering requirements (if there are any) are usually written in the small print. However, a quicker way to gauge a rough initial guess is that if the no deposit bonus is already in the form of cash (i.e. £20 bonus) instead of a free spin type bet, then it’s more likely to have wagering requirements. Also, the cash bonus is often “up to” this amount, whilst the X amount of free spins is more likely to be fixed in place.

No deposit free bets are the most riskless form of promotion. This is important to highlight because a betting company that matches your deposit and has wagering requirements can trick users into a false sense of reward.

You will likely need your personal ID to verify signing up for an online casino that’s handing out free bets, and it’s worth keeping to ones with no wagering requirements at first. Of course, none of your money has been put forward anyway, but 20x wagering requirements can be time-consuming, as you may have to keep betting with the promotional winnings in order to validate it for withdrawal.

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