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Three amazing casino scenes in movies

Whether it’s poker, baccarat, a slots machine or something completely unrelated, a casino always sets an amazing scene for a movie. Its setting shows wealth, which makes for a nice shot. In most casinos, people wear suits which only adds to this fancy setting. In this blog, we’ll show you three of our favorite casino scenes in movies, to elaborate further on what a casino can bring to the table for a movie.

  1. Casino Royale

When you think of movies of a man wearing a suit, it’s likely that James Bond is the first one you think of. Therefor, it only makes sense that there’s a casino-themed Bond-movie too. Casino Royale is a great movie, where Bond has to earn money by winning a poker tournament. The reason for this is that Bonds enemy Le Chiffre can’t win. As this summary might already tell, this movie is filled with great casino shots, but our favorite scene within this movie is the scene where Bond immediately plays versus his enemy Le Chiffre. Of course, we can’t tell you who won – this you’ll have to find out yourself.

2. The Gambler

Another movie where the title might give away the fact there’s a casino involved. In The Gambler, an incredibly intelligent teacher struggles with a gambling addiction. This might not sound incredibly bad, but it is, as he’s using the money his father gave him to teach with, for gambling. The scene we love from this movie, is when the main character, Jim Bennett, starts gambling at a Blackjack table. The scene starts off by Jim showing people what he’s capable of, betting on a 3 when he already has a score of 18. The next bet, Jim loses a lot of money, but this doesn’t stop him from continuing to play. Just like for Casino Royale, we won’t give away any more details, as this is another movie you simply must see.

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3. Run Lola Run

Run Lola Run is a German movie, where the main character Lola has to quickly earn €100.000 to save her boyfriend’s life. This of course seems like an impossible task, but Lola doesn’t mind a challenge and decides she wants to try her luck at various casinos. The first casino she enters with less than €100, which she immediately goes all in with at a Roulette table, betting on the 20. She wins, but instead of taking her money, she puts it all back on the line, all on the 20 again. We of course can’t tell you if she landed this bet, and if she eventually manages to save her boyfriend. To find out, you should definitely watch this German gem. 

What about you?

Have we listed your favorite casino scene within these three, or is there a scene we still missed out on? Anyways, we hope to have inspired you for a great movie night, or a great casino night! 

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