3 fun twists to a casino night from home

There are not many things as much fun as spending time with friends. A casino night from home makes great space for this, however you’re designing will play a great factor on this. A casino night takes a lot of organizing, as you’ll have to plan the games well, as well as the overall design of your night. In this blog, we’ll list three fun twists you could give your casino night. Get inspired!

  • Make your own deck of cards

It’s very likely that a big portion of the games you’re going to play are card games, as many big casino games such as Poker, Baccarat and Blackjack are card games. Therefor, it’s a great twist if you make your own card designs. You can take this to the level you want it yourself: buying cards in a theme that all of you and your friends like is a great option, but using photo’s or even drawings can be even better. Who of your friends will be the Queen, or worse: who will be the Joker? Having your own deck of cards is especially fun if you don’t tell your friends on forehand, as the look on their face when they find out it’s them on the cards will be priceless!

  • Be your own slot

Just like you can design your own deck of cards, you could make your slots as well. This might involve some coding, but if you’re familiar with that, a slots machine shouldn’t be hard to make. Slot machines work with an RNG (Random Number Generator): by changing the numbers to things relevant to your group of friends, Also Read: Guest posting sites you could design your slot machine quite easily. Instead of using fruits, you could use the faces of your friends. You’ll have to do the pay-outs yourself, but adding a slots machine to your casino night is a great, unexpected twist.

  • Make your own promo codes
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Do you want your casino to have the experience of an online casino? Adding casino promo codes to your casino can be a great way of doing this. Your friends can pay for these, but creating other ways to unlock these bonuses can be a lot of fun as well. For example: to unlock the Grand Holiday Promo, someone has to sing a song that will automatically remind everyone of their favorite holiday. This way, your casino night won’t be the basic, static casino night that’s expected, but it can get a lot crazier.

Have fun!

Of course, not all of these twists have to be used to have a great casino night with friends. Without adding these, the time you have with them will still be a lot of fun. If you’re using these and if you aren’t, we wish you the best of luck and a lot of fun!

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