Need More Conversation Starters

Need More Conversation Starters? Here Are Some Great Ideas

Meeting new people can be really stressful, especially when you are an introvert who runs away from socializing. But there are times when you cannot avoid meeting people. For example, when you are at a party when you join a new club when you join a new organization, etc. In such unavoidable situations, you might wonder, what are those interesting topics you can talk about so you can avoid the awkwardness that comes with meeting new people?

Moreover, everyone needs a conversation starter once in a while, so this article will be helpful, not just for the introverts but also for people who are looking for unique topics to talk about. Here are a few conversation starters that can make your conversations interesting, long, and insightful.

  1. Weekend plans – Everyone gets excited for the weekend – there is definitely some magic in those Sunday vibes. People do all different types of things during the weekend, for example, some play poker with their friends, some hang out in different cafes, while others just like to relax and read. Discussing weekend plans is a very popular conversation starter that can keep your conversations alive for a long time.
  2. Weather – When you do not know what else to talk about, you can always talk about the weather. Talking about something as simple as the weather can extend your conversation for as much time as you want. There are so many topics that can breed from this conversation starter. For instance, once you pick up the ‘weather’ topic, you can start talking about different cities, clothing, etc.
  3. Politics – Nowadays, everything has become about politics. So, who does not like to discuss it? Whether you have a strong opinion or not, if you know even a little about politics, you will immediately feel more confident while talking to strangers. This is because no matter where you are when there is a group of people in front of you, sooner or later, they are bound to discuss politics with each other.
  4. Childhood – Reminiscing about your childhood is one of the most special activities to do. Everyone likes to share how they were as a kid. It sure makes people nostalgic and makes them want to relive that time. You can discuss how you were as a student in junior school or what games you loved playing when you were 5. Moreover, you can even compare your adult life to your childhood days and realize how far you have come. This is also a great way to build a bond with someone.
  5. Family and friends – When you do not know much about someone and vice versa, you can always start by sharing about your family and friends. You can tell them what they do or what they like and they can do the same. You can even share your fondest memory with your family members. Moreover, you can even tell them about your best friends and what you do together. This is a good way to get to know each other. And who knows, you might just come across a ‘common friend’ or realize you know the same person and consequently, get more common topics to talk about? It is a small world after all, right?
  6. Business or other lucrative ideas – One of the ways you can keep the conversation alive is by discussing various business plans. From starting a burger joint of your own to discussing various money-earning games, there is so much that you can talk about in this area. This topic is not only fun to talk about but also very productive and useful in the long run.
  7. Hobbies and passions – Along with your jobs and daily routines, this is another topic you can discuss with new people. Do you like to sing or play music? If you like to read books, which ones? These are a few questions you can always ask or discuss. If things go well, you can even realize that you share the same hobbies and then pursue them together. You never know, you might even become great friends just by initiating this topic!
  8. Future plans or goals – Everyone has different goals and plans for themselves. Some people focus on their personal goals, some on their professional goals, and some on both. It is always good to talk about your goals because the conversations often act as a reminder of why you started making those plans in the first place. They keep you motivated and fueled to keep pursuing your goals till you aim for something even higher. Moreover, if you share your plans with people, they might give you new and useful ideas that would help you reach your goal faster and more efficiently.
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Summing Up

Human beings are social beings, and hence, they cannot live in isolation. You are bound to meet new people in life, even if you do not like it or feel uncomfortable with this idea. Thus, instead of shying away from it, you might as well stay inclined towards getting to know new people. However, it is not that easy! When you meet new people, you often get confused and lost – you do not know what to talk about and how to keep your conversation alive and energetic! This is the reason the above list is created so you can get more comfortable in meeting people. The more topics you have in mind, the better. However, it is also extremely crucial to pick up only interesting topics because if your conversations are not amusing enough, it might result in even more boredom and awkwardness. After all, first impressions are the last impressions, right? Even if they are not the last, they still make a huge difference. Your conversation starters with strangers are a huge indicator of your future relationship with them. So, talk wisely, act nicely… don’t you want to make new friends?

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