Are low wagering casino bonuses worth taking?

Low wagering casino bonuses are becoming more and more common in this day and age, many operators now opt for these generous welcome offers as they strike a fine balance between giving players a good and fair deal while ensuring themselves a layer of protection.

There may well be plenty of no wagering casino offers out there for bonus-hungry players to sink their teeth into, but it’s absolutely no secret that these offers are becoming few and far between, nor do they necessarily offer the greatest number of free spins in comparison. 

Because of the protection low wagering requirements offer operators, they have a degree of manoeuvrability which allows them to be more generous with regards to how much they can give away to new players, meaning there are greater rewards on offer for signing up. 

What are wagering requirements and how do they work?

Wagering requirements are a set of conditions that players must meet in order to withdraw any winnings made from a welcome bonus, the condition being that the funds must be played through a set number of times. These requirements can vary wildly depending on the size of the bonus, sometimes they’re as low as 1x and in some cases as high as 100x wagering.

If a casino is offering players a large number of free spins (or a huge wad of bonus cash) then you would expect that high wagering requirements are to be imposed upon the player. This is so that players cannot abuse the bonus and make off with their winnings, never to be seen again.

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However, just because some casinos offer big welcome bonuses with high wagering requirements, this doesn’t necessarily mean that welcome offers such as the low wagering casino bonus are inferior, these bonuses can actually be better for players in the long-run.

What’s considered an acceptable low wagering bonus?

The current industry average requires that players work through their bonus around 40 times in order to make a withdrawal. This would mean that if a player received £50 in bonus cash as part of the welcome offer then £2,000 would need to be won and wagered to make a withdrawal.

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As excessive as 40x wagering might seem, the sad reality is that many operators actually choose to make their wagering requirements much higher than this, many unfortunate players are often blinded by seemingly large, generous welcome bonuses.

More often than not, they often fail to notice the wagering requirement attached to the offer, which makes the bonus useless, as winnings are unobtainable without a great degree of luck.  

In our eyes, a fair low wagering casino bonus should be no higher than 20x, or 30x wagering at an absolute push. This way you won’t be facing an impossible uphill task with regards to how much you need to win and play through, nor will you be relying on triggering big bonus features that greatly boost your bankroll enough to meet the wagering criteria.

Why taking a low wagering bonus is a good idea

When choosing between a no wagering bonus or a low wagering bonus many players are inevitably going to go for the option that requires the least amount of effort on their part, which naturally would be the no wagering option… However, low wagering bonuses are not to be sneered at, as they offer plenty of genuine positives.

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As we touched upon at the start of this article, you’re much more likely to receive a generous number of free spins, or a larger lump sum of bonus cash to get you started when you take a low wagering bonus, which is a winner in our books. 

On top of this, If your low wagering welcome offer comes as a matched bonus (rather than free spins) then you should find yourself with the freedom to choose whichever slot you want to play, as opposed to being tied to certain games, which is often the case with no wagering offers.

Taking a low wagering offer also means you’ll be spending a little bit more time at one specific casino, so you’re going to have the opportunity to fully explore the site and discover absolutely everything it has to offer which is a good thing, you may even stumble upon a hidden gem.

With no wagering casino bonuses, it’s easy to find yourself jumping from casino to casino without a second thought, whereas instead, you could end up finding a site that you can call home, leading to a plethora of bonuses and rewards for being loyal to a brand in the long term.

What welcome bonus should you take all things considered?

Ultimately, it can seem incredibly tempting to go in one of two clear directions, either with a no wagering bonus, or a generous casino bonus with high wagering requirements.

The no wagering casino bonus might ensure that there’s very little stress involved, and the opportunity to win a modest amount of money is certainly there, however, a large casino bonus with high wagering requirements sees you start off with more than enough to enjoy your gameplay comfortably (at the cost of working through excessive wagering requirements). 

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A low wagering casino bonus offers the best of both worlds, you’re not going to be green with envy at your fellow players who are enjoying massive bonuses, and you’re not going to be disappointed when your bonus spins are up after just a few mere minutes.


Not only are low wagering casino bonuses the perfect medium, but they’re also utilised by trustworthy and responsible operators who value honesty and transparency. These offers aren’t going to leave you feeling wronged at the end of your bonus.


Yes, you’re going to have to work to reap the rewards upon making your first deposit, however if you want fairness then you needn’t look any further than a good low wagering bonus.

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