Game of Online Andar Bahar

How to Win The Game of Online Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is one of the most played games in India but it’s also quite a hit in places outside the country. It’s hard to ignore this game because it’s so simple and easy. It’s a good choice for people who has no experience in card games that could get a bit tricky like Poker and Teen Patti. It’s also a game that experienced card players can enjoy without getting too stressed.

Playing at the Andar Bahar casinos for real money can be fun if you want games that get you to test your luck. While it’s heavily a game of chance or luck, there are still things that could help you improve your chances of winning big. We’ll have that covered for you!

Understanding How the Game Works

Even if this is such a simple game, no one should sit on any casino table blinded. The basic game rules are extremely important and you should have a clear understanding of how the game works before you play with real money.

For this game, it will be played with a standard 52-card deck and there will be three card sections on the table. The one in the middle is the center or game card that will be the basis of which side will win. The one on the left side is called Andar while the right is called Bahar. Once the middle card is dealt, you have to place a bet on which side (Andar or Bahar) will have a matching card as cards are dealt on either side. If you place a bet on Andar and it gets the first matching card, your bet wins.

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There are other varieties of this game wherein the middle card isn’t dealt until all cards are on the table. Other forms of this game would also allow you to place different bets or side bets like what the sleeve of the matching card will be. This is why you should always check what type of Andar Bahar game is available for you to play.

Either way, you need to understand how the basic Andar Bahar game works first and once you do, you’ll realize that it’s a prediction game. It’s kind of like playing roulette but the card version of it. 

Managing Your Budget

Much like playing slot machine games, Write for us health and food you will mainly have to depend on luck when it comes to this game. This is why strategizing will fall under managing your budget. There are different budget strategies that you can go with.

Some players would start with low bets and gradually increase this as they play the game without minding if they lost or won in the previous round. Some would only increase their bets if they win the previous round and would go back to their starting bet if they lose around. You can also choose to just keep on placing the same bet until you want to leave the table. This way, it’s easier to see if you’ve made any profits already.

However, when it comes to this, take note of the Gambler’s Fallacy. This is a phenomenon wherein you keep on placing a bet on the same side just because the other side has been winning for a few consecutive rounds. To avoid this, always keep in mind that each round is independent of the other and the results are not at all related.

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The Gambler’s Fallacy was first observed in a game of roulette. Given the similarity of the mechanics in Andar Bahar and roulette, people playing it may be prone to experiencing the phenomenon. After all, there are only two sides to bet on. One could immediately fall into the trap of thinking one side is due to win just because. 

Like with any other real money game, you should avoid chasing your losses. It’s problematic gambling behavior that could lead to serious financial troubles. 

Setting a budget is always wise and you should stick to it. Another limit you can set is the time or number of rounds that you want to participate in. Once you’ve reached any limit, it’s time to get off the teck and have a look at how much you’ve gained or lost. Speaking of limits, also always check for the table limits that casinos set themselves.


Overall, Andar Bahar is a simple yet fun card game that you can play online. It’s one of the good card games to play if you want to try something new aside from slot machines. It won’t require so much time to learn and strategizing within the game isn’t even necessary.

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