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A Multitude of Casino Bonuses Keeps You a Winner for 2021!

Online sportsbook competition is fierce.  There are more online sports betting options than ever before.  As a result, gamblers are an online sportsbook’s most valuable commodity.  There are buyer’s markets and seller’s markets.  When it comes to online casinos and sports betting, it’s a GAMBLER’S market. Today’s business climate means that online sportsbooks will compete hard for their business.  In turn, their clients can be super selective as to where to bet.  Online casinos and sportsbooks must aggressively incentivize players to sign with them. Let’s examine the different bonuses that are available for your benefit.  

Welcome Bonus

There is an old saying that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Online casinos and sportsbooks take that to heart.  Specifically, they are offering incentive structures.  At the beginning is the Welcome Bonus.  The concept of the Online casino Welcome Bonus is simple.  Pay people to open an account.  Sports bettors can get either bonus money added to their initial deposit or credits towards free bets.  It follows that there are other goodies added on too.  

The Welcome Bonus makes gamblers feel good about the new casino sportsbook they joined.  Of course, online casinos know that the best way to make money is to spend money.  And they want that chance at a first impression to be as good as it can be.  

What is a Reload Bonus?

A reload bonus is similar to a welcome bonus.  To differentiate, a welcome bonus is for new clients, while the reload bonus is for existing clients.  Usually, a reload bonus is not as high as a welcome bonus.  However, the reload bonus is very much worth attaining and tracking.  Any time an online casino offers you “house money,” never pass it up.  In essence, it’s like a free win.  Another way to look at it is that it’s the opposite of a bad beat!

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Reloads Lead to Other Benefits

When you reload your sports betting account, it can lead to additional perks beyond just the reload bonus.  The more active you are at an online casino or sportsbook, the greater the potential for other rewards.  Fashion that casinos track the activity of each client they have.  The more reloads and more bets you make, the more perks you’re going to get.  

Different Loyalty Programs 

Although the points system is the best-known incentive program at online casinos, there are many other ways that they reward you too.  Be sure to read the rules at the online casino sportsbook of your choice.  So that you understand what is required and the rewards.  

Points Programs 

In sum, points programs are among the most common ways for online casinos and sportsbooks to reward clients.  The way that points programs work is that you earn loyalty points for every dollar that you bet.  Thus, the more money you total in bets over a select period, the more loyalty points you earn.  At the CashBet Sportsbook, they are counting on you betting with those reward bonuses.

Tier Programs 

Online casinos and sportsbook tier programs pertain to the different types of bets that a player can make. In like manner, it also pertains to the various amounts wagered. Additional tiers belong to different amounts wagered over specified lengths of time.  

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The higher the tier level, the better the prizes and rewards.  To illuminate, tier levels are similar to points.  It all comes down to how much money is bet by the gambler.  The higher the tier, the greater the percentage paid back to the client in their account.  

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Additionally, online casinos and sportsbooks may offer merchandise or gift cards depending on the level of tier.  

Prize Programs 

Online sportsbook prize programs are trendy for major events.  For Instance, these include March Madness, football weekends, the NFL, NBA, NHL, college bowls, baseball playoffs, Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, Breeders’ Cup, etc.  These events generate an extra amount of betting traffic on their own.  

On this occasion, you’ll notice a different vibe at the online sportsbooks for major events. Gamblers will bet more than on a “normal” day.  The online sportsbooks gear up for this extra business by adding fuel to the fire with prizes.  Special events are the best example of betting action feeding more Sports betting action.  Gamblers are already on an adrenaline rush for such events, and offering prizes feeds into that.  

Freeplay Bets 

Namely, a Freeplay Bet is a bonus that you earned from the online sportsbook.  If your Freeplay Bet bonus is $100, that means you can bet up to $100 risk-free.  If you lose the bet(s), you are out only the balance of the bonus.  Most important of all, you lose none of your own money. Your regular account adds $100 if you win your bet(s).  Overall, the original stake returns to the online sportsbook, win or lose, following the wager.

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