Megaways Slots

What Makes Megaways Slots So Special?

Megaways slots are taking over the online casino world. It’s a random reel modifier that offers players hundreds of thousands of reasons to win. Megaways may appear to be complicated, but it’s pretty straightforward in reality. Basic Megaways slots have six reels and at least seven symbols that occur on each reel. The symbols that appear are usually selected randomly by the Megaways mechanic. 

This way, players have thousands of ways to win with each spin. There are different varieties of online slots, with some featuring 243 ways while others feature second-screen bonuses. There are Megaways games that come out regularly and gaining a lot of popularity among gamblers. 

What makes these Megaways games unique to other slots? In this article, you will be able to read some of the reasons why Megaways slots are special. 

Reasons why Megaways slots are special? 

Many winning ways than before 

As the name Megaways suggests, these slots live up to it as they offer so many ways for gamblers to win. Some of these slots offer more than 117,649 winning ways. The number of winning possibilities depends on the maximum number of symbols that each reel can contain. 

This example shows how there are different ways of winning; 

  • There are six-reel slots with each reel containing seven symbols 
  • so, 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 = 117,649 
  • This means there are up to 117,649 winning ways in this game 

This means gamblers get to enjoy 117,649 winning potential winning ways. These many winning possibilities result in many payouts in any gaming round. 

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Megaways slots offer gamblers an exciting experience 

Other slots have a static number of ways gamblers can win the game. For instance, a five-reel slot with 30 pay lines cannot offer players more than 30 winning chances. However, with Megaways slots, players can win with each spin a varied number of opportunities. For example, with one round, players can have 5,040 winning opportunities. 

In Megaways slots, it all depends on the number of symbols that each reel contains. As a gambler, you will have to hope that all the reels have a lot of symbols. You will have fewer winning chances if all the reels contain two or three symbols. However, when each reel holds six to seven symbols, your winning chances will be higher. 

Lots of action 

The games that Megaways offers have drawn a lot of popularity among gamblers as the games have a quick format and offer countless winning ways. These slots also provide many other features, including free spins, random wilds, and cascading reels, also known as an avalanche.

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The avalanche effect is quite a popular one. It eliminates symbols from winning combinations, giving players a chance to win numerous prizes in just one round. 

When players combine cascading reels while playing with megaways, they can form different kinds of payouts in any given spin. However, the avalanche is applicable as it unlocks more ways.

For instance, some online slots lead to reels’ growth after every avalanche win. If you put together numerous cascading payouts, you will boost the reels to full capacity. 

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Lots of design possibilities

Megaways has the potential to have more design possibilities. For instance:

  • Five reels holding up to six symbols per reel 
  • Six reels holding up to six symbols per reel 
  • Seven reels holding up to five symbols per reel 

These are but some of the design possibilities. Whether these designs come to fruition or not remains to be unseen. The main point here is that developers are not limited when it comes to dealing with Megaways. 

Megaways developers can produce these slots in various ways. The online gambling industry will be seeing many other Megaways styles in the future. 

Megaways has many developers that are constantly working to improve its experience 

More slot developers are constantly jumping into Megaways. Most of these developers are coming up with unique twists on Megaways. For instance, Big Time Gaming (BTG) has been licensing Megaways to other developers. They have come up with creative ways on how gamblers can use Megaways. 

As a developer, Red Tiger Gaming has had a slot production in laser fruit that offers more than 60,466,176 winning ways. Players can only achieve these massive winning opportunities through the bonus round.

Players can pursue unlocking several ways 

Players can pursue different bonuses and wins in a given basic slot. The main objective is winning massive payouts and irresistible bonuses. In Megaways slot machines, there is an additional level when it comes to pursuing these best prizes. Besides hoping to achieve big wins, players also play to unlocking other ways in each round. 

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If you get to unlock more ways, it is advantageous as it raises your winning chances. You will be able to get bigger prizes when there are many active ways. Players can always look out for the best Megaways slots in these casinos. has listed the best casino platforms that offer Megaways Slots, which are safe and trustworthy.

Playing Megaways slots without going broke 

You probably think it’s expensive playing slots that have between 15,625 to 60,466,176 winning possibilities. Expensive slots were only an issue back then in the mid-2010s as there were only 720 ways slots at that time. However, these games don’t cost much than an average online slot. The charges are around $0.12 per spin. 

Slot machines are all about getting random chances. With a small spin cost, you can be able to win lots of prizes. 

Final thoughts

Megaways slots are unique as they offer so many possibilities. It’s not easy to have hundreds of thousands of winning opportunities. However, it’s fun noting that you can unlock these many ways.

The unique experience that Megaways offers is another reason for its success. It has varying reels, and the games introduce exciting mystery into every spin.

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